Summer travel


Hawaii overall is already a great destination so whichever city you pick you will have a great time. I personally love Honolulu as it has a lot more stuff to do yet still has access to the beach.


It is no surprise that NYC is a hot destination all time around, but it is extra special during the summer. So much to do as the weather is nice and you can always take a weekend trip to the Hamptons.


This city is the epitome of the south. It is just absolutely gorgeous. Anyone would absolutely love driving with these views plus it also has so many affordable food options not fast food like actual nice southern restaurants.


Chances are if you have ever been to LA you have heard about this coastal city. It doesn't just have one of the most breathtaking ocean views, but also the nicest homes you will ever see in the US.


This is such a nice modern city in Texas. It is a cultural hub as it has lots of museums and a lot of various dining options. Also if you ever feel guilty eating too much, you can go hiking. 

San diego

This coastal city is very unique in its experiences. It has beautiful beaches, healthy dining options, great nightlife, and an overall great combination of a city and suburb lifestyle. 

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