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48 Hours in Los Angeles

This is my mini Los Angeles guide for people who are visiting La La Land for less than 48 hours. Honestly there were so many things that was on my list that I wanted to do, but I didn’t get to do it. So I’m going include some of those as well at the end of this guide, but for now just check out some of the places that I visited below and see if anyone of those interest you so you can plan your visit accordingly.

First thing I would mention is to find a place that is close to downtown because LA traffic is literally the worst so be prepared! If you choose a place close by you might save some time and gas! We stayed at Holiday Inn in Torrance which was about 20 minutes drive from the city. It was very affordable and staff was very friendly so I would totally recommend. Another thing I would recommend is to rent a car because Uber is pricey. If you are under 25 like me, I would stay away from regular rental companies and rent with Turo app. It’s essentially an airbnb service but for cars.

Urban Light

This is one of the most iconic places is LA. I’m sure you have seen it on Instagram at least once. It’s a large scale light sculpture referred as Urban Light and it is part of Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It gets crowded very fast especially on weekends so I would recommend going either early in the morning or late at night depending on what kind of picture you are aiming to take. In terms of parking I wasn’t able to find street parking as it was very crowded that day, but LACMA does have its own underground parking so you can just try that. It’s not too cheap though they charge about $16 per day.

Beverly Hills Hotel

This place is honestly just so dreamy. It’s very pink and glamorous literally made for the gram. It’s a very pricey hotel so I wouldn’t recommend staying here, but you should totally come for a coffee or dessert downstairs. It’s pretty cute inside and desserts are actually delicious. In terms of taking pictures, this place also gets very crowded but people are super nice so you can just wait for your turn. In terms of parking, you can just park in the lot of the hotel and get it validated from the cafe.

The Broad

If you are familiar with the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, you know what the picture above means. This is a very famous lights installation referred as “Infinity Mirrors” that is located at The Broad museum. So in order to see this installation you need to first get in the line for the general admission for the museum then put yourself in the waitlist on the iPad in the lobby of the museum. After you put your name on the iPad, you will see how long your wait time is. Make sure to hold onto your general admission ticket in case if you wanted to leave then come back later you are going to need that to re-enter. In my case the wait time was only 2 hours so it was not as bad and there is even a restaurant right next to the museum called “Otium” if you feel hungry.

Some of the places I didn’t get to see, but they are highly recommended are Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Hollywood Sign and for food try Urth Caffe, Alfred Coffee and most importantly In-N-Out for some good burger and shakes!

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